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Wirtz Manufacturing

Wirtz Manufacturing is a global leader in equipment design and technology for the lead acid battery market. Since John Wirtz started in 1932, the company focus has been on high quality products, continuous improvement of existing technologies, and the development of new technologies. Through this philosophy, Wirtz has been able to develop some of the key technologies known and used today, which include gravity casting, continuous cast grid making systems, continuous punching positive grid making system, high speed precision pasting lines, as well as the precision tooling used in each of these technologies. By acquiring Oxmaster, Leko, Conbro and Battery Recycling Systems, Wirtz has been able to expand its portfolio of technology in order to be able to offer its customers the ability to purchase all of their necessary equipment from one company. With manufacturing operations in the United States, China, and India, and sales and service teams within each respective region of the world, you can be sure we can provide the value and service you are looking for and expect in your technology partner.

The Wirtz Group of Companies, which include Wirtz, Leko, Conbro, Oxmaster, and Battery Recycling Systems are wholly and privately owned, and today marks the fourth generation of the Wirtz family managing this unique group of companies.

Wirtz Manufacturing

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