Improving lead management to reduce pollution and population and occupational exposure

Lead acid battery manufacturers and recyclers are facing increasing attention and scrutiny from decision-makers and regulators concerned with lead pollution and population exposure. New estimates of lead exposure’s toll on global public health and economic development are likely to further drive scrutiny from civil society and governments across the globe. Drew McCartor, Executive Director of the non-profit Pure Earth, will share emerging trends and developments among relevant private, public, and non-profit actors, as well as concrete steps companies can take to improve industrial practices and supply chain management, address historic problems, and ensure the sound management of lead in the future.


Mr. Andrew McCartor Executive Director, Pure Earth, US

Drew McCartor is the Executive Director of the international non-profit organization Pure Earth ( Drew is a lawyer and environmental health professional with 14 years of experience designing and implementing programs to reduce lead pollution and exposure in low- and middle-income countries. Pure Earth works extensively to reduce risks from informal and substandard lead acid battery recycling.

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