Mitigating Financial Risks in the Secondary Lead Industry

This presentation examines the financial risks associated with recycling lead acid batteries and provides practical approaches for mitigating them. Delegates will gain insights into the importance of effective supply chain management, including inventory control and efficient invoicing processes. The presentation also explores the significance and benefits of hedging metal purchases and sales, particularly in Backwardation and Contango markets, in order to protect against price fluctuations. By understanding these strategies and their integration into the financial planning for lead acid battery recycling operations, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to minimize financial risks, optimize profitability, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


Brian Wilson Consultant, International Lead Association

Brian has been working in the Lead Industry for the past 40 years, initially with Britannia Refined Metals in the UK, then the International Lead Zinc Research Organization and for the past 15 years for the International Lead Association. Brian is also a member of the Pure Earth Technical Advisory Board and as an Independent Consultant has been engaged by the Basel Secretariat, UNEP, ERM, the OeKO Institute and Pure Earth. During the last 40 years Brian has worked in every continent except Antarctica and no less than 51 different countries.

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