People, the Planet and Production – Balancing Priorities in Air Pollution Control

Industry’s focus is increasingly on meeting the expectations of a diverse range of constituents.  Today, the environment and sustainability are more relevant than ever, and the demands on industry are increasing to actively contribute to more efficient production with reduced emissions. Generations of business owners and employees are much more aware of the progress being made, but also the shortcomings of initiatives to improve employee health and environmental management.  In air pollution control, it is not only essential to strike a balance between the support for people, the planet and production, it is possible with appropriate applied expertise.  This presentation focuses on the application of air pollution control (APC) technologies for airborne lead abatement and their place in a well-designed strategy to meet all the stakeholder’s needs.


Vikas Kapur Nederman

Vikas Kapur has experience in P&L, Strategic Marketing & Business development, with significant exposure in Asia Pacific in the b2b / b2g domain. He is currently Vice President – Asia Pacific with Nederman Group, which has 75+ year history in industrial air filtration technologies.

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