Boris Geuvens

Mr Boris Geuvens

General Manager
JGI Thailand

Boris Geuvens is the General Manager of JGI Thailand and has served as Raw Materials Manager of JGI-Hydrometal for the past 14 years.

Before incorporating JGI Thailand in July 2019, Boris was the Representative Office Manager of Jean Goldschmidt International SA in Thailand, where he has lived since 2009. Prior moving to Thailand, Boris started his career in 2003 in JGI-Hydrometal, a Belgium based group specializing in the recycling of complex residues and byproducts containing non-ferrous metals and operating 4 factories around the world (Belgium, Germany, France and Thailand).

Boris earned a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Applied Sciences of UCL (University Catholic of Louvain-La-Neuve) in 2003.

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