Xiao Lin

Dr Xiao Lin

Founder & CEO
Botree Cycling

Dr Xiao Lin is the Founder and CEO of Botree Cycling. He works in critical battery metals separation and purification technologies, revolutionary solutions for EV and energy storage battery recycling and materials regeneration. Dr Lin has served clients covering >60% Chinese Li-ion battery recycling output capacity, >45% Global market. He has completed more than 50 research and commercial projects, and has been granted prizes including for national technology invention and national key practical technologies of environmental protection. Dr Lin has published 40 papers, been authorized 30+ patents, participated in the formulation of international and national standards, and been one of the main writers of “Blue Book on the Recycling of Spent Power Lithium-Ion batteries“ (in Chinese) and “Recycling of Power Lithium-Ion Batteries: Technology, Equipment, and Policies” (in English).

In addition to his role at Botree Cycling, he also is involved in the following:

  • Member of National Technical Committee SAC/TC294 on Discarded or Disused Chemicals Disposal,
  • ISO/TC333 Lithium: WG5 sustainability participant expert, Head of delegation of SAC,
  • Task manager, international energy agency (IEA) HEV TCP Task 48 Battery Swapping,
  • Participant of IEA HEV Task 40 Critical raw materials for EV, and
  • Steering committee member of Global battery alliance (GBA) battery passport.

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