Engitec Technologies, the widest range of Plant capacities

The global market for Battery Recycling is constantly moving, sometimes in an organized way, sometimes in apparently chaotic way. Some regions of the world are paying the bill towards an unstable international scenario and some others are continuously seeking to invest and develop.

This is what makes the industry of battery recycling and lead production extremely exciting; so Engitec responds to the challenges of the market with its solid experience and knowledge providing, at the same time, a range of high-quality plants with an input capacity of 12.000 ton/year of exhaust batteries (the new CX® SMART), and plants with an input capacity of more than 350.000 ton/year (CX® 50tph).

In this paper the Authors outline a selection of Engitec solutions with a special focus on the new CX® SMART, which is the latest solution that can match the needs of regional customers.


Stefano Buono Area Manager, Engitec Technologies S.p.A., Italy

Stefano Buono has been serving Engitec Technologies S.p.A. in capacity of Area Manager since 2018, year in which he joined the Company.

Born in 1978, he followed a scientific school Education at Liceo Scientifico Convitto Nazionale Principe di Napoli (Assisi).

In 2005 he received a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Perugia, with specialization in Equipment Automation and Robotics.

His more than 18 years of working experience started last year of university, during which collaborated with CLAM Caminetti s.r.l. as responsible for the development of the new testing laboratory immediately after having graduated.

In 2006 Stefano Joined former VAI-Pomini S.p.A., today Pomini Long Rolling Mills S.r.l., a Company operating in the Steel Industry sector, providing world-wide Hot Rolling Mills for Long Products, in which has served firstly as Site Manager and Project Manager before become Proposal and Sales Manager.

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