Yuji Tanamachi

Mr. Yuji Tanamachi

IRuniverse Co.,Ltd.

Yuji Tanamachi is a journalist from Japan with a specific interest in the resource and recycling industries. After working as a newspaper journalist on non-ferrous metals since 1999, he became independent in 2011 and built his own company called IR UNIVERSE, where he started operating MIRU.com in 2012. MIRU.com is a portal news website that covers various genres and topics from non-ferrous metals, iron and rare metals to batteries, automobiles, aircraft, semiconductors, energy, environmental recycling, and finance. Having several correspondents abroad, team MIRU is trying to further broaden their global connection by regularly attending international conferences and delivering presentations. IR UNIVERSE serves not only as a media outlet, but also conducts market research and consulting, especially in lead resources, including associated recycling industries by utilising 24 years of experience in the sector.

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